Where to Watch the Boston Marathon

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The Boston Marathon typically follows a route that goes through several towns in the Greater Boston area. Traditionally, spectators gather along various points of the Boston Marathon route to cheer on the runners.

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Some popular viewing spots include:

Hopkinton (Start):

The Boston Marathon starts in Hopkinton on Main Street, and you can witness the beginning of the race. The start of the Boston Marathon is a significant moment, and it attracts both locals and visitors who want to witness the beginning of this prestigious race.

Wellesley College Scream Tunnel:

Around the halfway point, Wellesley College is known for its “Scream Tunnel,” where enthusiastic students cheer on the runners. It’s a lively and iconic spot on the route.

Heartbreak Hill (Newton):

Heartbreak Hill is a challenging segment of the course located in Newton. Many spectators gather here to encourage runners as they face this uphill stretch.

Coolidge Corner (Brookline):

This area has vibrant crowds, and Coolidge Corner offers a lively atmosphere with shops and restaurants. It’s a popular spot in the later miles of the race.

Finish Line (Copley Square, Boston):

The Boston Marathon finishes near Copley Square in Boston. The area around the finish line is often crowded, and there are grandstands for ticketed spectators, but you can also find spots along Boylston Street to watch.

Keep in mind that the Boston Marathon is a well-attended event, so it’s a good idea to plan ahead and arrive early if you want to secure a good viewing spot.

Additionally, be aware of any security measures or restrictions in place for the event. Check the official Boston Marathon website for the latest information on the race route, schedule, and any guidelines for spectators.

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