Waikiki Beach in Salem, Massachusetts

Winter Island Maritime Park in Salem, Massachusetts features a small sandy and rocky beach, known as Waikiki Beach, that offers scenic views of Salem Harbor and the surrounding coastline.

While it may not be the typical sandy beach you might find in other locations, it still provides a unique and picturesque setting for visitors to enjoy.

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Here’s more information about Waikiki Beach on Winter Island:

Rocky Shoreline:

Waikiki Beach is characterized by its rocky shoreline. The beach area is comprised of smooth rocks and pebbles, which create an interesting landscape along the water’s edge.

Coastal Views:

Despite its rocky nature, the beach offers stunning views of Salem Harbor and the water beyond. The area is particularly beautiful during sunrise and sunset, when the changing light enhances the natural beauty of the surroundings.


While the beach might not be ideal for swimming due to the rocky terrain, it provides an opportunity for beachcombing.

Visitors can explore the shoreline, search for interesting shells, rocks, and other beach treasures, and enjoy the peaceful ambiance of the coastal environment.


The unique rocky landscape and the picturesque views make the beach on Winter Island a popular spot for photography. It’s a great place to capture the beauty of the sea, the harbor, and the nearby historic structures.

Nearby Attractions:

Adjacent to the beach, you’ll find the Fort Pickering Lighthouse and the remnants of Fort Pickering. These historic elements add to the charm of the area and offer visitors the opportunity to explore a bit of local history.


While the beach itself is rocky and not suitable for traditional beach activities like sunbathing and swimming, the surrounding area includes picnic tables and barbecue pits. This makes it a great spot for enjoying outdoor meals with family and friends.


The park features a visitor center, restrooms, a concession stand and lifeguards.

Nature Exploration:

Winter Island features walking paths that allow visitors to explore the natural beauty of the island, which includes not only the beach but also the coastal vegetation and scenic overlooks.

Popular Attraction:

The unique rocky beach experience on Winter Island adds to the diverse range of attractions and recreational opportunities that the island offers to both locals and tourists.

Fort Pickering Light on Winter Island in Salem, Mass


Winter Island Maritime Park charges a daily parking fee.

Address: 60 Winter Island Rd, Salem, MA

Website: www.salemma.gov/winter-island-park

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