Secluded Beaches in Massachusetts

Massachusetts is home to a number of secluded beaches for those looking for a peaceful day away from the crowds. Here are some options:

Wingaersheek Beach (Gloucester):

This North Shore beach offers soft white sand and calm waters which is perfect for families and those seeking a quiet day at the beach. It’s tucked away from the busier Gloucester beaches creating a more secluded atmosphere.

Due to its secluded location, access to this beach is primarily by car and parking is limited which greatly reduces the number of people at the beach on a given day. This keeps the size of the crowds down and makes for a more peaceful experience.

This 0.6 mile-long crescent-shaped beach curves along the shoreline and features a number of small nooks and secluded spots where visitors can stake out their own private spot away from other beachgoers.

Like many North Shore beaches, it is surrounded by rocky outcrops as well as salt marshes. The views of Ipswich Bay adds to the secluded atmosphere of the beach.

Wingaersheek has been a favorite secluded spot in Gloucester for centuries. In 1892, New England Magazine described Wingaersheek as “one of the loveliest and most secluded locations to be found on the entire shore…White sails dot the ocean and rivers and give the life necessary to this quiet, peaceful retreat to perfect its charm.”

Overall, the beach’s limited access, location away from downtown Gloucester and surrounding natural beauty makes it a great choice for people looking for a quiet beach day without all the crowds.

Sandy Neck Beach (Barnstable):

Located on Cape Cod, Sandy Neck Beach is known for its 100-foot-tall dunes and wide sandy shoreline. Although Sandy Neck isn’t necessarily hidden away, due to its rockier shores, this beach is less crowded than other beaches on the Cape.

The beach is in a more remote area of Barnstable though so it is not as easily accessible as other beaches in Cape Cod. Sandy Neck Beach has on-site parking, restrooms and lifeguards during the summer but the surrounding area isn’t as developed as other beaches so it attracts fewer visitors, making for a quieter beach experience.

Sandy Neck Beach is also six miles long, which gives beachgoers plenty of space to spread out without crowding each other. The beach has lifeguards, a snack bar, restrooms and showers.

Not only is Sandy Neck Beach a secluded beach, it is also the only beach in Barnstable that allows bonfires and the only beach in Massachusetts that allows camping directly on the beach.

The beach also allows off-road vehicle access in designated areas making it a great spot for visitors who want to drive along the shore. Another plus is that it also features warm, calm waters due to its location on Cape Cod Bay.

Overall, although Sandy Neck Beach is not completely secluded, it’s large size, more remote location and undeveloped nature make it more peaceful and less crowded than other beaches in the area.

Crane Beach (Ipswich):

Although Crane Beach is popular, its vast expanse means you can often find quieter spots along its shore. With its rolling dunes and pristine shoreline, Crane Beach offers a serene beach experience.

Located on the North Shore, the beach is less crowded than other beaches closer to Boston or Cape Cod.

Crane Beach is four-miles-long making it easy for visitors to find a quiet spot to relax. The beach is also located on the Crane Estate which is a protected area that has remained undeveloped in order to preserve its natural beauty.

In addition, on-site parking is limited which helps control the number of visitors and makes for a more peaceful and quieter experience. The beach has lifeguards and changing rooms.

Overall, Crane Beach’s natural surroundings and limited access make it a hidden gem on the North Shore and a great secluded beach.

Duxbury Beach (Duxbury):

Stretching for six miles along the South Shore, Duxbury Beach offers plenty of secluded spots, especially towards its northern end. This barrier beach provides a peaceful retreat where you can enjoy relaxing by the ocean without the crowds.

Duxbury Beach is in a quiet area far away from any major urban centers and its location on the South Shore means it’s not as crowded as Cape Cod beaches.

The beach has rocky shores and cold water, which makes it a less crowded and much quieter beach than others in the area.

Overall, the beach’s location and surrounding environment makes for a great secluded spot where you can swim and soak in the sun without all the crowds.

Menemsha Beach (Martha’s Vineyard):

Although Martha’s Vineyard is a popular destination, Menemsha Beach is usually a quieter compared to other beaches on the island.

Its beautiful sunsets and relaxed atmosphere make it a favorite among visitors seeking some peace and quiet. The beach has calm, clear water which makes it a a great beach for families with young children.

This small beach is located in a more remote area of Martha’s Vineyard, in the town of Chilmark, far away from the more populated and touristy areas of the island.

Menemsha Beach has limited facilities. There are no lifeguards on duty and amenities like restrooms and showers are limited. This lack of amenities keeps the crowds away and tends to attract more laid back beach goers.

The beach offers beautiful views of the ocean and of nearby Elizabeth Islands and is known for its picturesque sunsets.

Nauset Beach (Orleans):

Located on Cape Cod’s Outer Beach, Nauset Beach is 10-miles-long which makes it easy to find secluded spots, especially towards its northern end.

Nauset is known for its natural beauty and it offers a peaceful retreat away from the crowds. The beach is in a relatively remote area of the Cape, away from major towns and cities. This adds to the beach’s secluded atmosphere.

The beach is an undeveloped area and has a small on-site parking lot. There are no boardwalks, amusement parks or large resorts nearby which helps preserve its natural beauty and secluded feeling. The beach does have lifeguards, restrooms, showers, and a food concession.

Overall, Nauset Beach’s remote location, expansive shoreline and limited development make this a great secluded beach.

Low Beach (Nantucket):

Low Beach, located in Nantucket, Massachusetts, is famous for its secluded and serene atmosphere.

Due to its location on the western side of the island, it is far away from the busier areas of the island which adds to its secluded atmosphere. The surrounding area is undeveloped and features lots of natural beauty with sandy shores and views of the Atlantic Ocean.

Access to this beach is limited. To get to the beach, visitors must walk or bike along dirt roads to reach it, which deters large crowds.

Overall, the beach’s remote location, limited access and natural surroundings make this a great secluded beach.

Bound Brook Island Beach (Wellfleet):

Bound Brook Island Beach, located in Wellfleet, Massachusetts, is known for its secluded and unspoiled natural beauty.

Bound Brook Island Beach is in a remote area of Cape Cod, far away from any major towns or touristy areas. This remoteness means it’s less crowded than other beaches and more peaceful.

Direct vehicle access to the beach is restricted, meaning visitors must hike or bike one mile on the unpaved Coles Neck Road to reach the beach. This restricted access helps preserve the beach’s secluded atmosphere and deters large crowds and commerical developments in the area.

Bound Brook Island is part of the Cape Cod National Seashore which is known for its pristine coastline and protected natural habitat.

Overall, Bound Brook Island Beach’s remote location, limited access and natural beauty makes for a peaceful beach environment.

Have you been to any of these beaches? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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