Lobster Trap Christmas Trees in Massachusetts

Lobster trap Christmas trees are a unique and maritime-inspired holiday tradition in some coastal communities in Massachusetts.

These Christmas trees are constructed using actual lobster traps. The traps are stacked to create the shape of a Christmas tree, and the tree is often adorned with lights, ornaments, and sometimes lobster buoys.

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The following is a list of lobster trap Christmas trees in Massachusetts:

Cohasset, Mass:

Cohasset is a picturesque coastal town situated in Norfolk County, Massachusetts. Cohasset has been building a lobster trap Christmas tree outside the Old Salt House restaurant every year since 2012.

The tree is constructed of over 250 lobster traps, stands over 30 feet tall and is decorated with over 2,000 white lights. A tree lighting ceremony is held each year in December.

Gloucester, Mass:

Gloucester, known for its rich fishing history, celebrates the holiday season with its lobster trap Christmas tree each year.

The tradition of creating a lobster trap Christmas tree in Gloucester dates back to 2001 when it was first organized by local businesses and community members.

Since then, it has become an annual event, drawing both locals and visitors to witness the unique holiday display.

The tree measures 45 feet tall and is made up of 350 lobster traps decorated with blue Christmas lights. The tree is so large that visitors can enter the tree through an opening and walk around inside of it.

The lobster trap Christmas tree not only serves as a festive decoration but also highlights the importance of the fishing industry in Gloucester and the cultural significance of the sea in the community.

Marshfield, Mass:

Marshfield is a coastal town on the South Shore of Massachusetts. Historically, Marshfield’s economy was centered around fishing and shipbuilding.

The Marshfield Commercial Fishermen’s Association has been building a lobster trap Christmas tree outside of the Harbor Master’s office since 2014. The tree consists of 82 lobster traps in a pyramid shape, adorned with lights and buoys that serve as ornaments.

Lobster traps

Plymouth, Mass:

Plymouth is a historic coastal town located on the South Shore of Massachusetts. This small coastal town is the location where the Mayflower pilgrims landed in 1620 and is also home to the historic Plymouth Rock.

Plymouth’s lobster trap Christmas tree, which measures 20 feet tall and is decorated with lights and lobster bouys, is constructed at the town wharf each year in December.

Provincetown, Mass:

Provincetown is a picturesque town located at the tip of Cape Cod. The town’s history includes a long tradition of fishing, whaling, and a thriving arts community.

Provincetown’s lobster trap Christmas tree dates back to 2004 when local artist Julian Popko designed the tree in honor of the town’s fishermen.

The tree is constructed of lobster traps and is decorated with Christmas lights and red bows. The town holds a tree lighting ceremony for the tree every year at the end of November.

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