Juniper Beach in Salem, Massachusetts

Juniper Beach is a small beach in Salem, Massachusetts. It’s a relatively lesser-known spot compared to some of the more popular beaches in the region, offering a quieter and more secluded experience for visitors. The beach is characterized by its sandy beach and rocky shoreline, which is typical of many New England beaches.

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Here are some key points about Juniper Beach:


Juniper Beach is a small sandy beach in the residential neighborhood of Juniper Point in Salem, which is a historic city known for its maritime heritage. It’s one of several beaches in Salem that residents and visitors can enjoy.

Scenic Views:

One of the main draws of Juniper Beach is its picturesque views of the ocean. The rocky terrain and natural beauty of the coastline make it a great spot for enjoying the sight and sound of the waves.

Secluded Atmosphere:

Juniper Beach is relatively lesser-known compared to more popular beaches, so it often offers a quieter and more serene experience. It’s a place where visitors can escape the crowds and enjoy the sounds of the ocean.

Access and Amenities:

Facilities at Juniper Beach are limited due to its smaller size and more secluded nature. The beach features a designated swimming area, a boat launch, a playground and a promenade with a seating area and a small WWII monument but there are no restrooms and no lifeguard on duty. Very limited parking is available at the entrance to the beach.

Outdoor Activities:

Visitors to Juniper Beach can engage in activities like swimming, beach combing, picnicking, bird watching, and photography. The serene atmosphere makes it a suitable spot for relaxation and enjoying the outdoors.

Sunset on the ocean

Local Gem:

Juniper Beach is often appreciated by locals who are looking for a quieter beach experience away from the crowds. It’s a place where people can find peace and quiet by the sea.

Address: 23 Beach Avenue, Salem, MA

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