Haunted Hayrides in Massachusetts

Haunted hayrides are a fun and spooky activity that combines the joy of a hayride with the thrill of a haunted attraction.

During a haunted hayride, riders board a tractor-pulled wagon filled with hay or straw and are taken on a ride through a dark and eerie trail. Along the way, they encounter actors dressed as monsters, zombies, and other scary characters who jump out to provide thrills and chills.

There aren’t a lot of farms offering haunted hayrides in Massachusetts but the ones that do are very popular.

Have you been on any of these haunted hayrides? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think of them!

The following is a list of haunted hayride attractions in Massachusetts:

Century Sportsman’s Club Haunted Hayride & Spooky Walk:

Address: 531 Rochdale St, Auburn, MA

Website: www.centurysportsmansclub.org

The Century Sportsman’s Club holds this annual Halloween event which serves as a fundraiser for charity. The event is run entirely by volunteers and features a haunted hayride and spooky walk.

The hayrides begin after sunset and run every 20 minutes. Each wagon can accommodate 20 to 30 people. The event is held every weekend from late September to late October.

Hanson’s Haunted Farm and Hayride:

Address: 20 Nixon Road Framingham MA

Website: www.hansonsfarm.50webs.com/hayride.html

Established in 1993, Hanson’s Haunted Farm and Hayride is a Halloween event held at the Hanson Farm every weekend in October.

The event features a haunted hayride run entirely by volunteers that takes riders throughout the farm while over 100 volunteers come out to scare them at every turn.

Monster Mash Scream Park at McCray’s Farm:

Address: 55 Alvord St, South Hadley, MA

Website: www.fearonthefarm.com

Established in 1991, Monster Mash Scream Park at McCray’s Farm is a popular Halloween attraction located in South Hadley, Massachusetts.

The park offers a Monster Mash Haunted Hayride and two walk-through haunts, the Massacre Manor and the D.O.N.G.R.F.

Visitors first embark on the haunted hayride and when it comes to end they step inside the first of two haunted walk throughs.

Witch’s Woods:

Address: 79 Powers Rd, Westford, MA

Website: witchswoods.com

Established in 1999, Witch’s Woods in Westford, Massachusetts, is a popular Halloween-themed attraction that transforms a peaceful woods into a spooky and thrilling experience during the Halloween season.

One of the main attractions at Witch’s Woods is usually the haunted hayride during which riders board a wagon that then makes its way through the woods where riders see witches, ghouls, werewolves, ghosts and zombies chasing after the wagon.

The hayride is about a half hour long and travels through 200 acres of woods and fields on this working dairy farm.

In 2019, the Matador Network named Witch’s Woods one of the 10 scariest haunted hayrides in America and, in 2021, Martha Stewart named it one of the 15 best haunted hayrides in the United States.

Have you been on any of these haunted hayrides? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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