Gray’s Beach Boardwalk in Yarmouth, Massachusetts

Gray’s Beach boardwalk is a 1.5 mile, 800-foot-long wooden boardwalk at Gray’s Beach in Yarmouth, Massachusetts.

The boardwalk starts at Gray’s Beach and stretches across the marsh where it ends at a small observation deck at the mouth of Garden Creek.

The boardwalk was originally built in 1911 and was 1000 feet long and ran along the edge of the marsh to a beach at the farthest end where a bath house had been constructed. That beach eventually washed away in a storm.

The boardwalk was constructed after Thomas C. Thacher proposed in a town meeting to build a boardwalk from Gray’s Beach out along the marsh. Thacher also donated the land and funds to build it.

A woman on the boardwalk at Gray’s Beach in Yarmouth, Massachusetts

During the Blizzard of 1978, the boardwalk was heavily damaged and the very end of the boardwalk was destroyed. As a result, the boardwalk was shortened to the length it is today. The boardwalk was later rebuilt in 1992 after being damaged again by storms.

In February of 2015, the boardwalk was temporarily closed to the public after it was covered in debris, sea ice and snow from recent storms.

On the Fourth of July in 2015, a portion of the boardwalk, as well as a nearby patio and some benches, were destroyed when a small camp fire was lit on right side boardwalk, east of the large main boardwalk. The damaged was estimated to be around $15,000.

In January of 2022, the boardwalk was temporarily closed again after it was damaged in a blizzard.

The wooden planks along the boardwalk today are engraved with the names of local family members, friends and pets as a part of the Boardwalk Plank Program.

The boardwalk is open year round and is a great way to watch the local wildlife in the marsh such as great egret, snowy egret, and great blue heron.

The beach itself is known for its beautiful sunset views over Cape Cod Bay. Many visitors enjoy coming to Gray’s Beach in the evening to witness the sun setting over the water. The calm waters at the beach make it a great beach for families with young children. Parking at the on-site lot at the beach is free.

Yarmouth is situated on the mid-Cape region of Cape Cod, bordered by Cape Cod Bay to the north and Nantucket Sound to the south. The town is a popular tourist destination, especially during the summer months, and is known for its scenic coastline, beaches, and waterways.

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