Family-Friendly Haunted Houses in Massachusetts

There are a handful of family-friendly haunted house attractions in Massachusetts that offer a spooky, yet age-appropriate, experience for visitors of all ages.

These attractions are designed to provide thrills and chills without the extreme scares and gore typically associated with adult-oriented haunted houses.

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The following is a list of family-friendly haunted attractions in Massachusetts:

Magical Halloween Castle:

Address: 2010 William J Day Blvd, Boston, MA


The Magical Halloween Castle is a Halloween attraction at Fort Independence in Boston that transforms the historic fort into a family friendly Halloween attraction.

Visitors are encouraged to wear costumes while they take either a scary or non-scary tour of the fort and enjoy some popcorn and treats after.

The attraction is open in October from noon to 4pm.

Professor Spindlewink’s World of Wizadry:

Address: 194 3/4 Essex Street, Salem, MA


Professor Spindlewink’s World of Wizardry is a walk-through attraction in Salem where visitors explore six magical realms.

Visitors make their way through the Wizard’s chamber, an enchanted forest, crystal cave, a hallway of magical portraits, a room of mythical beast, a water realm and an ice realm.

Along the way, they encounter mythical creatures like unicorns, mermaids and even an ice dragon. There’s even a dark magic realm for visitors looking for something more sinister.

The attraction is open daily from 10AM to 5PM year round.

13th World Fright Park – The Halloween Experience

Address: 1701 Park St, Palmer, MA


13th World Fright Park is a haunted house attraction in Palmer that features a haunted trail, a midway and more.

The park also offers a Halloween Experience which is a family-friendly walk through experience of the haunted trail that takes place with the lights on and doesn’t feature any special effects or actors. Visitors can use the opportunity to take selfies and photos on the elaborate sets.

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