Collins Cove Beach in Salem, Massachusetts

Collins Cove Beach is a public beach in Salem, Massachusetts. It’s a small 500-foot long sandy beach situated along Collins Cove, a small inlet off Salem Harbor, and offers views of the water and a place for locals and visitors to enjoy the shoreline.

Collins Cove Beach provides a relatively peaceful and scenic area to relax, have a picnic, swim and sunbathe.

The beach is a short distance from Collins Cove Park, which features a playground, playing field and basketball court, as well as a concrete walkway that is popular for biking and jogging.

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Here’s some general information about Collins Cove Beach:


Collins Cove Beach is located on Webb Street in Salem, near the intersection of Derby Street. It’s easily accessible by car and is also within walking distance of downtown Salem.


The beach itself is relatively small and offers a picturesque view of the cove and Salem Harbor. It’s a sandy beach, and during low tide, there’s an expanse of exposed tidal flats so it’s best to swim at this beach during high tide.

The beach is a popular spot for swimming, sunbathing, picnicking, and enjoying the waterfront views. There are no restrooms and no lifeguards on duty but the water is calm and shallow.


While Collins Cove Beach may not have extensive amenities like larger beaches, it’s a peaceful spot where visitors can relax, read, or take a leisurely stroll along the shoreline. It’s not known for having large waves, so swimming might be more suitable during calmer tide conditions.

Local Area:

The beach is located in a residential neighborhood, and there are nearby parks and green spaces that visitors can explore. Additionally, the proximity to downtown Salem means you can easily access other attractions, shops, and restaurants in the area.

Tide and Seasons:

Like many coastal areas, the experience at Collins Cove Beach can vary based on the tides and seasons. During high tide, the beach area might be significantly reduced. It’s always a good idea to check tide schedules and local weather conditions before planning a visit.


The beach is located in a small residential neighborhood where parking is limited to street parking only.


Collins Cove has played a role in the maritime and industrial history of Salem.

The Salem area was inhabited by indigenous people, specifically the Naumkeag tribe of the Algonquian peoples, before European settlement. In the early 17th century, English settlers arrived in the region and established Salem as a port town.

During the 18th and 19th centuries, Salem’s economy thrived through maritime trade. The town was involved in various aspects of the shipping industry, including trade with Europe, the West Indies, and other parts of the world. Salem’s merchants and shipowners accumulated great wealth, which was often displayed in the grand mansions they built.

Collins Cove itself played a role in Salem’s maritime history. It was a natural harbor that provided a sheltered location for ships to anchor and unload cargo.

The cove was named after Isaac Collins, who was a shipowner and merchant in Salem during the late 18th century. He owned several ships that were involved in trade with the Caribbean.

In the late 19th century, with the decline of maritime trade and the rise of industrialization, Salem’s economy shifted. The city began to focus more on manufacturing and other industries.

The waterfront areas, including Collins Cove, saw changes in land use. Industrial facilities and factories were established along the shoreline, and the cove itself was used for shipping and manufacturing purposes.

As time went on, the industrial activity declined, and efforts were made to revitalize the waterfront areas, including Collins Cove.

Today, Collins Cove is a blend of historical significance and modern development. The area has seen various environmental and urban renewal projects aimed at preserving its historical character while creating recreational spaces and improving the quality of the water and surrounding environment.

While Collins Cove may not be as famous as some other historic locations in Salem, its history reflects the broader shifts in Salem’s economy and development over the centuries, from a bustling maritime center to an industrial hub and, eventually, a revitalized waterfront area.

Address: 44 Planters Street, Salem, Ma


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