Best Maple Syrup Farms in Massachusetts

Massachusetts has several maple syrup farms that are well-regarded for their quality products. In fact, New England is famous for its maple syrup and has a long history of maple syrup production!

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Here are a few maple syrup farms in Massachusetts that were known for their excellence:

Hollis Hills Farm:


Located in Fitchburg, Hollis Hills Farm is a family-owned farm known for its commitment to sustainable farming practices. The farm is the largest maple producer in the eastern part of Massachusetts and produce about 80,000 gallons of maple sap each spring.

The farms offer maple syrup produced on-site and often host events and activities for visitors. During the sugaring season, in late winter or early spring, the farm runs 6,000 maple trees and collects sap to produce high-quality maple syrup. Visitors to the farm may have the opportunity to see the maple sugaring process in action.

Williams Farm Sugarhouse:


Located in Deerfield, Williams Farm Sugarhouse is a fifth-generation farm known for its traditional approach to maple syrup production. They often host events during the sugaring season, allowing visitors to see the process firsthand.

The farm sells maple products in its store and at its on-suite restaurant where visitors can eat breakfast made with the farm’s maple products such as maple frosted doughnuts, pancaks and maple syrup, sugar on snow, maple cotton candy, maple waffle sundaes and maple cream cones.

Ioka Valley Farm:


Found in Hancock in 1936, Ioka Valley Farm is a 500-acre fourth-generation family farm that produces maple syrup and other products like natural beef. They have a sugarhouse where visitors can learn about the maple sugaring process from mid-February to early April.

The farm has 14,000 taps and produces around 7,000 gallons of maple syrup each spring. The farm states that the flavor of its maple syrup comes from fertile soils of the Berkshires.

The farm sells its maple products, such as its maple candy and its award-winning maple cream, in its on-site store as well as online.

North Hadley Sugar Shack:


This sugar shack in Hadley is a popular spot for fresh maple syrup. They offer tours during the sugaring season and have a pancake house where you can enjoy their maple syrup with breakfast.

The farm has 5,000 taps and collects around 2,500 gallons of raw sap each day that it then boils down to maple syrup. The farm sells its maple products, include maple syrup and maple candy, in its on-site store as well as online.

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