Beaches in Rockport, Massachusetts

Rockport, Massachusetts is a beautiful seaside town on the North Shore of Massachusetts and is home to a handful of beaches.

Here’s a list of the beaches in Rockport:

Front Beach:

Address: Beach Street, Rockport, Ma

Front Beach is located close to the town center, which makes it convenient for visitors and families. It is a small but popular sandy beach known for its beautiful views of Sandy Bay, calm waters and family-friendly atmosphere.

The beach is great for sunbathing, swimming and beach combing, especially at low tide when numerous tide pools appear in the nearby rocky outcrops.

Front Beach offers restrooms, a lifeguard in the summer, and a nearby paid parking lot as well as on-street parking adjacent to the beach.

Overall, Front Beach is the perfect place for a family day at the beach in a great location close to downtown Rockport.

Back Beach:

Address: Beach Street, Rockport, Ma

Back Beach is also near the town center and is a popular spot for scuba diving and snorkeling due to its rocky bottom and clear waters.

The beach is small and secluded but is located near downtown Rockport. As a result, it has a much quieter and more relaxed vibe than Front Beach.

Back Beach features beautiful views of both Sandy Bay and the Atlantic Ocean and has a mix of both sandy and rocky areas with large rocks and boulders dotting the shore.

The beach does not have lifeguards but it does have a public bathroom and paid on-street parking along Beach Street.

During the summer, the Rockport Legion Band performs free outdoor concerts at the bandstand across the street from Back Beach on Sunday nights.

Overall, Back Beach is a quiet, peaceful spot that is perfect for beach goers who want to snorkel or scuba dive and explore the rocky shore.

Cape Hedge Beach:

Address: 77 Bearskin Neck Road, Rockport, Ma

Cape Hedge Beach is a quiet beach located a bit farther from the town center. It is known for its rocky shoreline and peaceful atmosphere. It’s less crowded, which makes it ideal for those seeking a more secluded spot.

Cape Hedge Beach is located in the southern part of Rockport, along Penzance Road, between Long Beach and Pebble Beach.

It is farther from the downtown area than Front Beach and Back Beach, about 2.5 miles away, which makes it much quieter and more relaxing.

The beach features a mix of sand and rocks with large boulders scattered along the beach. The beach is perfect for swimming, sunbathing and beach combing. At low tide, tide pools appear on the boulders and rocky outcrops along the beach.

Cape Hedge Beach is located adjacent to Long Beach but it is separated by a short, seasonal footbridge.

There are no lifeguards on duty so swim at your own risk. The beach offers an on-site parking lot and additional parking along the street.

Overall, Cape Hedge Beach offers a quiet, peaceful beach experience.

Long Beach:

Address: Thatcher Road, Rockport, Ma

Located in both Rockport and neighboring Gloucester, Long Beach is the largest beach in the area.

Long Beach features a long, one-mile stretch of sandy shoreline with calm waters that makes it ideal for families with young children. It also features one of the best views of Thacher Island’s twin lighthouses.

Long Beach is ideal for swimming, sunbathing and beach games like volleyball. The atmosphere of Long Beach is relaxed and family-friendly and it attracts a mixed crowd of families, couples, and groups of friends.

The beach has restrooms, showers, and lifeguards during the summer season. Long Beach has several parking lots along Thatcher Road, with a daily parking fee during the summer.

Overall, Long Beach is a spacious, scenic beach with a relaxed atmosphere, ideal for families.

Old Garden Beach:

Address: Old Garden Road, Rockport, Ma

Old Garden Beach is a small rocky beach on the southern edge of Rockport overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

It is located in a residential neighborhood and is only open to locals which makes for a quieter and more peaceful atmosphere.

The beach features a small playground, a grassy area, picnic tables. It is ideal for swimming, sunbathing and picnicking.

The beach does not have a lifeguard on duty so swim at your own risk.

Pebble Beach:

Address: Penzance Rd. Rockport, MA

Pebble Beach is a small, unique beach in Rockport. It is named Pebble Beach because its shore is covered by rounded pebbles and stones, rather than fine sand.

Due to its rocky terrain, it is not ideal for sunbathing or beach games but it is a great location for walking, beach combing and exploring the tide pools that appear during low tide.

Swimming is possible at the beach but swimmers should be careful due to the rocky seabed. The beach features a small parking lot nearby with limited parking.

Overall, the beach is a quiet and rugged beach that is ideal for someone looking to explore the coast rather than swim or sunbathe.

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